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Although what I had found in the wilderness of Colorado was referred to as paridolia by my critics, I have concluded what I have found as remnants of Atlantis. See my contact information below and get in touch.

A.I. Interpitation

Until it is recognized as a portion of the lost civilization I found that with A.I. technology I could practically restore the magnificent ancient art of Atlantis into modern art.

About the Artist

My portfolio showcases antediluvian art that’s been hidden in plain sight until I recognized something odd about what I had found while search for treasure. Subscribe to my site to get updated when I add new stuff.

About Me

Bill Gorman is a disable senior citizen with cancer who when he has enough energy hunts for the legendary treaure of Major Forrest Fenn. While hunting for the treasure he noticed something odd in the landscape that took him down a very intreging rabbit hole into the distant past.

I’ve been into photography most my life, I got my first camera at age 6 from selling seeds. I had my first programming class in 1975. I mixed my photography with technology to bring the ancient art of Atlantis back to life.

Although I have created some fantastic art so far, I am in need of an agent manager to help with marketing and promotions.

I spend a lot of time processing images and when it’s nice outside I search for more art from the past. So far I have made over 5,000 A.I. renderings out of nearly 50,000 images I have photographed.

  • Endorsed by Forrest Fenn, Santa Fe, New Mexico



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